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Support Policies

In order to help us help you we’ve listed a few helpful tips to ensure you get the support you need promptly.

1. Browser compatibility

Are you still on IE11 and below? We only support modern, up-to-date browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. We do not support any version of Internet Explorer.

2. Inadequate information

We can not provide support if you post requests without a detailed description of the issue faced. Links and screenshots are great. Absence of links and/or log in info will result in prolonged resolution time.

3. 3rd party products – non standard Joomla! or WordPress plugins and/or custom code

We will try to work with non-standard code but unless we have access to the unencrypted source or can talk to the original developer it may take longer to resolve any issues.

4. Busy hours

Mondays are always busy with support tickets, updates and general enquiries. If your enquiry isn’t urgent please wait until we have a little more time to deal with it. Mondays and Friday afternoons are very busy and unless urgent, complex enquiries are best not submitted at 6pm on a Friday.

5. Support priority

We process support requests on a priority basis as follows:

  1. Any hacked/offline site
  2. Managed clients
  3. Standard hosting clients

Requests will be processed in order received but occasionally may be actioned by order of urgency.

6. Emails

Please ensure that you whitelist [email protected] so emails do not get diverted to your spam folder. We copy all outgoing support emails to a separate Gmail account to enable us to audit and track deliverability.

7. Support avenues

We only process support enquiries via our ticket system or telephone. We do not check the [email protected] inbox on a regular basis and any support enquiries sent there may be delayed or marked as spam. We do not provide support via Facebook, Twitter or any other avenue.

8. Support allowance

If you have a package which includes support time any submitted tickets will be deducted from that allowance in 15 minute blocks. Typically most incidents can be dealt within this time. If you exceed this allowance you will be advised and given the option to continue on a paid support basis.